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Do Your Business Telephone Services Cost Too Much Time and Money?

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Is your business still operating on outdated phone, video and meeting software?

Here’s what you risk:

Wasting Time

23% of workers

23% of workers

 cite meetings as their primary productivity stopper1

6.3 hours

6.3 hrs per day

time workers spend checking emails2


Saving Time

New collaborative tools and processes can cut as much as

30% of wasted time3

30% of wasted time

Losing Money


Average amount small businesses spend recovering from hacks to their system.4

Constantly replacing old systems

every 10-15 years

That’s the average lifespan of a traditional, premesis-based PBX phone system.5


Saving Money

$11,000 per year

per year, per employee

How much a typical business would save, on average, by allowing employees to work remotely using collaborative communication tools.6


the estimated value of the virtual phone system market by 20227

Ruining Your Reputation

The potential damage is significant and irreparable.

50 percent

Almost 50% of small businesses

suffered a security breach in 2016, according to a recent report.8  And that affects your customers…

17% of women


11% of men

state they’d permanently lose trust in a hacked company9


Protecting Your Reputation

Get on board with the

74% of businesses

that say virtual collaboration tools are already at least somewhat integrated into their employee’s work.10

74% of businesses

First Communications offers companies a better way to do their business.

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